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Become a Service Provider - Basic Info

We at Neighbors4Neighbors Network list service providers as being Member Recommended, Vetted, or as Resources.  
Those that are "Vetted" fill out an application that includes licensing and references and they are checked annually to be sure they are still in business and that the license is still active and without reported complaints to the licensing agency.  
In the case of a Member Recommendation, a short write up by the recommending member is available as well as contact information; in the case of a Vetted Provider, the member knows that 3 references have been checked and annually the provider is telephoned for updated information.
In the case of a provider being listed as a Resource, that service provider is well thought of in the community and is listed because of its reputation and because it is well staffed. 

The general philosophy of our Service Provider program is to give our members a couple of places to start when they need someone but it is up to the member to do the direct hiring and their own due diligence. 

The neighbors4neighbors Network (N4NN) is a "volunteer first" network of support. However, if no volunteer is available or qualified to respond to a specific request, we will refer members to pre-screened service providers. With a call to us, members can be provided with referrals to specific community organizations who already provide these services, to service providers handling such services as plumbing problems, installation of grab bars, alternative healthcare, provision of more frequent homecare or nursing care, home organizing or downsizing - and much more. Many of these service providers will be willing to offer their services at a discount to Village members. 

N4NN will pre-screen all providers and follow up with member evaluations of the service. Screened providers are encouraged to offer a discount, as we expect N4NN to grow and provide a reliable source of customers.

While we intend to be a “volunteer-first” organization, certain needs require the services of a professional provider. Who wants to choose a service from the phone book or the Internet, not knowing the provider or the quality of his or her work? Most of us would prefer that a friend or other trusted source recommend service providers. We intend our Village to be that trusted source. Building upon the recommendations of our members and volunteers, we will build a network of preferred service providers, saving time and disappointment.

Examples of professional services can include:
  • Home repair and home modification
  • Home health care to provide support with the activities of daily living
  • Computer trouble- shooting or repair
  • Realtors to work with people interested in downsizing
  • And much more...
To insure a high quality of work, reliability and integrity, each provider will have license and reference checks. Some providers may offer discounts for their services to members. 

After completion of the work, follow up calls will be made to the member to ensure that the services provided have been of the highest quality.

If you are a service provider interested in becoming part of our network, please contact us. Priority will be given to vendors recommended by Village volunteers and members.

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